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I invite you into a therapeutic relationship, to delve into the heart of your unique experience.  With my support, you will learn to recognize your stressors and manage your triggers. Together, we will develop a toolbox of techniques to help you maintain a sense of ease and vitality. 

Liberate yourself to become a happy person now!

My method


Connect with your
essence and the joy in your

Remove the obstacles
keeping you from self-love!
Make room in your life
for personal

Feel good every day!

I am Heather Veltman, and I am passionate about a lifestyle of joy and personal empowerment. I am a psychotherapist with a permit from the Quebec Order of Psychologists and a Doctor of Art Education from Concordia University, Montréal. My specialty is body-mind psychotherapy.

I know that it is not easy to get unstuck. Sometimes even understanding problems is not enough to change. Psychotherapy will help you get free from blockages and negative messages absorbed from your history. Learn to communicate better in your relationships and set limits. No more ambivalence, shame or self-hate. Change this way of mistreating yourself. When you get out of survival mode, THERE IS HOPE. All you have to do is say YES: one breath at a time, I will help you!

Living in my body, feeling safe
Being my authentic self, present, alive and connected

Saying yes and no, practicing consent!

Over the years, it has become my mission to help clients listen to their bodies. As a psychotherapist, I invite you to enter within yourself to access the wisdom of the body.

Loving yourself, respecting yourself : SETTING BOUNDARIES


I offer individual sessions online via Zoom

Private individual therapy sessions online

The duration of individual meetings is 55 minutes. Insurance receipts issued.

Adapted to your needs

To improve your well-being

First appointment

Let’s see if we match! During our first meeting, I will conduct an evaluation to create a service tailored to your individual needs.


In the body-focused sphere, I will teach you to live in a state of security to feel good in your body. You will learn how to better feel and regulate your emotions and reactions using mindful exercises, such as breathing, movement, self-compassion, laughter and boundary games. This lowers anxiety and raises vitality. The body becomes your barometer for well-being and joy.


In the heart-focused sphere, you will explore everything that prevents well-being, including your triggers, defences and strong emotional reactions. At the same time, you will learn techniques to find your balance, to take care of “sub-personalities” and engage in intimate relationships from your authentic SELF, the part of you that can give consent.


In the mindful sphere, you will understand the difference between MIND and BRAIN to learn positive neuroplasticity techniques. This is a very relaxing approach to reinforce neural connections to increase positivity and the joy of living. You will also learn to develop your creativity skills to keep dreaming BIG while also touching on existential questions.

Cultivate a lifestyle of joy

Psychotherapy to Improve Self-esteem

To become a vibrant and fulfilled person, you must unlearn the negative messages you have absorbed. The antidote is to live a good life: breathe and cultivate a creative lifestyle of self-love that encourages joy every day. Say goodbye to anxiety and say hello to gratitude, confidence and pleasure.


I want you to commit to honoring your body every day. I will teach you to unlock your body’s armour that has developed through years of contraction, pain and protection in order to uncover your authentic self.

Play and creativity are the secrets to unleashing your authentic SELF and your inner JOY.

Embodied intelligence

My expertise has developed throughout my entire life. From my Master’s degree to the Doctorate, I studied the link between girls’ and women’s sense of identity and their body image. I trained and later supervised students at the Institute for Integrative Body Psychotherapy. And for years I worked on my own embodied intelligence. I firmly believe that happiness is a form of energy that needs to be actively cultivated…

Your essence is your vitality

My ongoing training in positive and somatic psychology, neuroscience, meditation, yoga, self-compassion, laughter yoga and even tantra have led me to develop an integrative and inclusive approach that is intellectual, educational and experiential. I guide each client toward their inner alignement and the joy that is their birthright.


You too can feel good every day: body, emotions and thoughts. This is what I offer you.

Client feedback

I was lucky to count on Heather during a particularly painful moment in my life. Her easy approach and her warm personality immediately put me at ease. Having already done other more traditional forms of therapy in the past, she surprised me with her body-mind methods, but I really improved during our sessions. The exercises, readings and discoveries in and out of the office resulted in my feeling more solid. I learned good bases so that I can go back to on bad days to find my inner presence and vitality, with myself and others.
Geneviève, manager
Heather, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the support you gave me over the last two years. I want you to know that you helped me so much. You were there during a very difficult period of my life. I really appreciated your listening skills, your acceptance, your approach, your kindness, your gentle 'confrontations' that I needed to (finally) get moving. I feel that I have evolved, I feel stronger and more confident. I am really pleased and proud of the recent choices I have made in my life. I even feel happy! Thank you SO MUCH!
Chantal, social worker
I really enjoyed the workshop The Art of Joy. Heather is a caring and dynamic teacher with positive energy. She makes the participants feel cared for. She is playful and knowledgeable of her science. I really liked the exercises to stimulate joy in between sessions. Thanks, Heather, for all these great tools that I use every day and that I share with my clients.
Suzanne B., psychoeducator
Maybe you would be interested in a workshop on the topic of joy or to consult Heather Veltman to overcome seasonal blues or simply to take care of yourself in a new way! I know Ms. Veltman and I worked with her. She is super likable and knows how to make people feel comfortable and at ease, she fosters a sense of security and belonging!
M., social worker
Hello Ms. Veltman, I consulted you in 2018 and 2019. The last time we saw each other, in April 2019, I announced that I was pregnant! I never took the time to thank you for the work we did together, and all the good it did for me. It helped me out of deep unhappiness. Your method resonated with me, and I now use many of your tools to get out of unpleasant situations. I have deep feelings of respect and affection for you. I know you were only doing your job, but I felt loved and accepted at a time in my life when I did not love myself very much. I would love to send you pictures of my daughter. It is a bit thanks to your therapy that she is here.
Laurence, designer
I couldn’t resist writing to you to tell you how good I feel now and how at peace I am. Thanks to the work we did together. Thank you so much for having contributed to that peace I have wanted for so long.
Nancy P., nurse
Dr. Veltman breaks the myth of the cold and unflappable shrink just with her smile! The sessions helped me refocus so I could make some hard decisions.
Jean-Philippe C., specialized educator
Heather, I am writing to thank you again for all your support. Our process together has been very important, I often recall important things you told me. I especially want you to know that I am doing well! Thank you for believing in me. I have so much gratitude for everything that I learned with you and everything you gave me. (And the info about the importance of doing sports was very useful as well!) So there it is! Thank you!
J., artist

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